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Kirsten Dunst Hairstyles

Following her precocious performances in Interview with the Vampire and Little Women, the dimpled actress starred in the children’s adventure film Jumanji alongside Robin Williams. There seems to be few actresses who has gained as much attention at their early ages as Kirsten Dunst, or can maintain her career as sturdy as Kirsten Dunst do. She has created so many roles that are popular with the audience, and she is really a great actress. Today let’s see some pictures of Kirsten Dunst hair looks and find out how she appears gorgeous with proper hairstyles successfully.



Kirsten Dunst has a naturally round face and both of these hairstyles work well on her, although I prefer the right, longer hairstyle on her. I feel it makes her round face appear less round.


Why the left hairstyle works on Dunst: Bobs are usually (not always) a no-no on round faces because they can accentuate the roundness of a face, but you can get away with a piece-y long bob, as Dunst does here. Make sure the bob hits at least a couple inches below the chin and make sure it’s styled imprecisely.



Kirsten rocks a teased wavy haircut with her pretty long locks for the GLAAD Media Awards. The side-swept bangs and the black satin headband add sweet vibe to the overall look. This is quite a great hairstyle to make you look a few years younger.


Mary-Jane red wasn’t an easy (or a single) process. “In the first film, they dyed the front of my head and did a half-wig. Then, in the second one, they did a wig, which I thought looked beautiful. And in the third one, we thought, Let’s just do it,” says Dunst. It wasn’t the easiest shade to wear on the red carpet. “My hair looks orangey here. I’m so pale—you need more of an olive skin tone to pull off that fiery color,” she says.