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Sandra Bullock Hairstyle

Sandra Bullock Hairstyle

Sending forth a sense of elegance, this hairstyle tends to have locks which are blown straight for enforcing a flat style which is rather perfect for round-face encapsulation. This type of formal hairstyle focuses on silky smooth with an overall simple look and feel. It is rather easy in terms of management since frequent trimming is not necessary. Product usage is minimal as well for keeping the overall shine.

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Sandra Bullock Hairstyle 2

Type, Suitability, Styling

This type of hairdo is categorized as a formal, long and straight hairstyle. It is apparently suitable for women with round, oval, heart and triangular face shape. A thin and fine hair texture and density are recommended. Women from all the younger age groups suit this hairdo with no restriction on height, weight, or glasses-wearing. The styling of this hairstyle takes approximately 30 minutes depending on your styling skills. Smoothing shine and straightening products are required for creating this kind of hairdo. It is also recommended that you make use of your smoothing shine to add a little amount of gloss to the hair while reducing the fly-aways that may be created along the styling process.

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