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Michelle Pfeiffer Hairstyles

Award-winning actress, Michelle Pfeiffer, has been wowing us on the silver screen since the eighties. Back on the red carpet in 2012 for her new movie, Dark Shadows, check out how her hairstyles have changed through the decades. Not long ago, mature women were nudged into cutting their hair short. Today’s older women could not care less about such ‘rules’. Stars like Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer show soft and sexy hairstyles for women in their fifties and beyond.



Michelle’s naturally curly hair is lightly layered and styled into informal, natural waves producing lots of volume in the sides and making the hair look thicker. There’s a little back-combing at the crown to give the attractive added height that was popular in the 1960’s, centre-parting hairstyles.


Long layers are cut through the edges of this casual hairstyle making it easy to style adding texture and soft movement. The middle part makes it a great style to compliment a round face. A small amount of product is needed for hold and shine and regular trims will help prevent spit ends.



Michelle keeps her hair on the long side, with blunt edges. When some women hit 50, they feel they have to chop their hair off. Not true. Long hair looks just as good as 50 as it does 20, so don’t book yourself in for a granny cut prematurely! Go for classic styles like a bob and get regular trims to maintain the shape. Michelle goes for a blend of natural looking high and low lights. Is it expensive and time consuming? Yes! But if you really want to mimic youthful, sun-kissed hair it’s well worth it.