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Jessica Parker’s Hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker (or SJP as we affectionately call her) will forever be remembered as curly girl Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City.” To celebrate the series premiere of the prequel, “The Carrie Diaries,” we’ve rounded up her best ‘dos of all time. AnnaSophia Robb definitely has some big shoes (and hair) to fill!


She may have gotten her start as a square peg, but since then Sarah Jessica Parker (and ELLE’s December cover girl) has hit it “big.” Besides her famous alter ego Carrie Bradshaw, Parker has played the role of movie star, fragrance guru, and fashion designer. She also has an enviable mass of ringlets: View her hair transformations through the years and vote on your favorite looks!


Over the years, Sarah Jessica Parker interpreted the ‘Carrie curls’ in several ways, changing the colour of her hair or styling it into a bob. However, save for a few episodes, the curls became a constant part of her image.




Sarah Jessica Parker wears her hair in curls for decades. In most cases, the hair near the roots is almost straight while the hair ends are styled in soft casual curls.

In the evening, Sarah Jessica Parker likes to wear her curls wild and voluminous. Her hair colour changes from brown near the roots to ash blonde at the hair ends for a sun-drenched appearance. This style is best created by blow-drying hair while pulling it over a round brush. Use large curlers to create the casual waves and curls in the hair ends.