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2011 Katie Holmes Hairstyles

Katie Holmes Short Hairstyles

2011 Katie Holmes Hairstyles
To get Katie’s look, visit your hairstylists and have her give you a short cropped cut, one Katie is also known for her short bob cuts, but the 2011 short look she has been sporting is a shorter version of the once worn bob. The short cropped 2011 hairstyle that Katie Holmes wear is usually parted on the side, but can be worn just about any way. This haircut is straight but she has been seen wearing the same haircut wavy and with some curl which makes this same 2011 haircut even sexier. Many of her hairstyles are cropped in the back or tapered and fall a little longer toward the front.

Katie Holmes Sexy Hairstyles

2011 Katie Holmes Hairstyles
Katie’s short hairstyles have become popular due to the short cropped hair that gives off a sexy, chick look. Lately, Katie is more recognized by her shorter hairstyles, in which may be easier for to care for since she has a child. With Katie Holmes’ oval and diamond shaped face, her long and straight hair with bangs, went well with her features. Her bangs were swept off toward the side, accenting her beautiful eyes.

Latest Katie Holmes Hairstyles

2011 Katie Holmes Hairstyles

Katie Holmes Long Hairstyles

2011 Katie Holmes Hairstyles
One of her latest hairstyles, which is a very complimenting hairstyle, was a very short haircut that was tapered off toward the back of her neck with added fullness around the crown. Katie Holmes has been seen sporting both the short and long hairstyles. She is a brunette that wears the color well and it looks gorgeous on her. Katie Holmes has beautiful brown hair and that is the color she is known for.

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