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Jennifer Garner Hairstyles

In all the furor surrounding Ben Affleck‘s latest job assignment (in case you’ve been on a Twitter hiatus, he’s the newest Batman), you may have missed some equally exciting breaking news: His wife Jennifer Garner has gone and gotten some fabulous new bangs.


Long, one-length hair can be boring. You definitely need layers cut into long hair to provide movement and for a really modern look, you might consider bangs. This is one of my favorite Jennifer Garner hairstyles. The color highlights are perfect for autumn and winter (you want to go lighter in spring and summer, as some celebs do).



If you do get bangs, you should know how to blow dry your bangs. Too many women suffer from “Bubble Bangs,” a bang syndrome that could be avoided if only they put down the round brush and blew their hair dry with a flat or paddle brush.



We get why ladies of both the star and non-star persuasion might like to sport extensions. They give you an instant boost of volume and length without all that pesky waiting for it to grow out naturally. But the whole “Why, yes. My hair actually does grow out from my ears” way of styling it only ever calls attention to how fake it is. It always looks to us like the hair version of those feather earrings you can buy out of vans in a parking lot at a concert.


All this fluff and volume that starts pretty much right at the ears, in a manner no real hair ever grows. If you can’t spot it, start at the ends of her hair resting on her shoulders and boobs and follow the strands up. They clearly aren’t growing out from her scalp and are tucked in under her real hair. They always look like cocker spaniel ears to us.