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Daisy Fuentes Hairstyle

Enhanced with wavy moves starting from mid-length till the end, this hairstyle is layered-cut especially the sides and back which gives the style a lighten feel. Self-styling this hairdo is not a difficult task provided that you need the right products and tools.

Daisy Fuentes Hairstyle 1

Daisy Fuentes Hairstyle 2

Type, Suitability, Styling
This hairstyle is categorized as a formal, medium-length, and wavy type of hairdo which is suitable for women with oval, oblong, square and diamond types of face shape. For the best look and feel, a medium dense and fine hair characteristics are recommended. Women from most of the younger age groups are suitable to own this haircut regardless of height, weight, or glasses-wearing. Styling this hairstyle will require an approximate time of 30 minutes or more depending on skills and experience. Some required products include the mousse, wax, smoothing shine and hair spray. After the styling process, it is recommended that you sprayed a small amount of hairspray to the ends of the hair for the purpose of keeping or maintaining the shape and style.

Daisy Fuentes Hairstyle 3

Daisy Fuentes Hairstyle 4

Daisy Fuentes Hairstyle