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Dawn Olivieri Hairstyle

This type of hairdo is considered exquisite with layers and uneven trims on the sides and front. It sends forth elegance and contrast is vividly shown especially on the sides and top which enhances the look and feel as a whole. Periodical trims are essential since split ends may occur due to the nature of the hairstyle.

Dawn Olivieri Hairstyle 1

Dawn Olivieri

Type, Suitability, Styling
This hairstyle is categorized as a casual type suitable for women with medium and straight hair. Moreover, women with oval, oblong, square and diamond face shape are suitable for this kind of hairstyle as well. Medium hair density and fine hair texture are required so that the overall look and feel is well-presented. Women from all the younger age groups are perfectly suitable to trim this type of hairdo and there is no specific concern for height, weight, and glasses-wearing. In order to style this hairdo, the approximate time required is around 30 minutes depending on skills. Some necessary products include the mousse, smoothing shine and hair spray. It is recommended that you direct your hair into the desired position while applying the finishing products so that the overall holds can be maintained.

Dawn Olivieri Hairstyle 3

Dawn Olivieri Hairstyle 4

Dawn Olivieri Hairstyle